Fuel briquettes

Our company has opened a new production area: the production of fuel briquettes. Fuel briquettes are a relatively new fuel for the Russian and foreign markets. Fuel briquettes are made from sawdust and other wood production waste. Fuel briquettes are a universal fuel: they can be used both for fireplaces and stoves, and also for boiler houses.

When burning fuel briquettes, no more than 1% of ash is formed - this is the lowest figure among solid fuels! As you know, this indicates a high quality of fuel. The ash, formed after the combustion of fuel briquettes, is an environmentally friendly fertilizer.

The main advantages of fuel briquettes
in comparison with other types of solid fuel are

High calorific value (about 4600-4800 kcal / kg). For comparison: calorific value of firewood is 2000-2300 kcal / kg, coal of brown - 3900 kcal / kg. Thus, 1 kg of briquettes gives at least 2 times more heat than wood and even more than 1 kg of brown coal.
The density of the briquette is at least 950 kg / m3, the bulk density of conventional firewood is about 300 kg / m3. Consequently, one truck carrying 22 cubic meters of fuel will bring you either 6.6 tons of firewood or 22 (twenty two!) tons of fuel briquettes.
Briquettes provide a constant temperature throughout the combustion, burn with a minimum amount of coal.
Briquettes are more convenient in storage and use.
Fuel briquettes are one of the most environmentally friendly fuels.

Our advantages

Convenient location of the loading place will allow you to reduce logistics costs.
We are:
  • 76 km from the state border of Russia and Belarus
  • 23 km from the European Highway E-30
  • in 30 km from us there are 2 customs posts
100% guarantee of quality and supply volume
Fuel briquettes are produced using modern European press equipment "BP 420A". Continuous operation of 2 full-cycle production lines makes it possible to produce 440 tons of products per month.
International producing standarts (FCA Russia)
You can be sure of the reliability of cooperation with us. In our work we follow international standards.
Among our regular customers are supermarkets and wholesale companies from Europe: Germany, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania and others. We have been supplying them with our products for several years.

Variants of goods shipment

You can put your label on the product at the stage of its production.

of 960 kg
of 10 kg each package
in bag
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